The Islands Beauty

Even if the islands have been collectively known, they have their own names as they were divided. The islands have been inhabited differently in various times or era. The Ryukyu Islands have its own history also and the story of its language and their own specific identity. Even if they belong to the country of Japan, there are still differences as various people from different places gathered and they can occupy portions of land that are divided that will become their homes and they are neighbor to each other.

One division of the islands is the location. In the northern part of the islands, they speak the Kagoshima dialect. This is a variation of their national language. That is because they are in the coverage of the Kyushu region. The people in this part are Japanese in their ethnicity. The four other islands speak commonly the Ryukyu dialect as the influence of the kingdom that has governed them before. But in the major islands, they also have their own specific dialect.

The history of the islands is surprisingly long as it dates back to the old times where there are no much inhabitants and there are not much of the conclusive division because there are studies and efforts being done to label and divided the islands. Each of the islands also that composed the Nansei Islands have their own history. We will learn more about them in the website pages and posts with more detailed and information that will make us informed.