This islands is not just one but of many who stretch in the territory of Japan until it reaches the border of Taiwan. These islands have their own names and the collective name is also called the Nansei Islands which is the one commonly used by the citizens. The islands which composed the Nansei Islands are  Tokara, Ōsumi, Okinawa, Amami, and Sakishima Islands (divided into Yaeyama Islands and Miyako).  Among these islands, the larger ones are islands which are high and the other ones are composed of the corals).

Among those islands, the one that is the largest in the island of Okinawa. What is more interesting about these islands is that they have differences in temperature as their locations are not exactly in the same area. Around the world, the location of nations is different. There are those who are near the sea while others are in the desert. The islands in our topic are surrounded by the sea which is in the boundary of Philippine sea and the East China Sea.

In the organizations of the Japanese government which has their own mission, they have different naming of the islands and also the different division of the boundaries. They are coming to the negotiation so they could establish standard names as they have done to other areas already. This is essential as many could be confused as no all can have a good memory. Many also visit the islands to see its beauty and explore the natural scene it has.