Travel Guide

Exploring the islands is one of the activities that is usually done by tourists. While wanting to see the beautiful places, have time to settle in the places to stay that you can find. Familiarize yourself with the island to know your destinations. If you already planned the places where you will go when you have a direction. You can see other things that you can do and see while you are in the area. You can see the past history and the modern environment of the islands.

You can go to the Shuri Castle to witness the place where kings had their residence before for about 500 years. You can see the mixture of the Chinese and Japanese influence. Next destination is the Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters where you can see and pass through the tunnels that were made during the American invasion. You can also see the holes created by the bombs. They say it is caused by Japanese soldiers themselves when they committed seppuku using bombs in the year 1945.

You can also dive in Okinawa with the dive operators. There are those who can speak English. You can also put into your itinerary the buffalo encounter. There are the local artists and street performers that showcase their own talents. There are various resorts and you can check the Tebiro Beach which is the top place to surf in Japan. There are also wild adventures if you want. Do not miss to eat good food which is known to the Japanese people.